Reblog-Movie Review of Thor:Ragnarok.

Happy Sunday Novas! Last night I was FINALLY able to see the new Thor movie; Ragnarok! I know that I am a few weeks late, but I wanted to review the movie and if anyone hasn’t watched it yet, try to give your the insights to the movie! This is a spoiler free review so […]

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Happy Thanksgiving USA!

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Meredith Gibraltar wishes Happy Thanksgiving to all her USA friends!  Have a wonderful day and safe travels!

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks.  Thanks for all that we have.  The food, the shelter and the love.  It could also be a time to remember indigenous people and their need for help and respect.  Share the joy of living and show respect to indigenous people.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash with modifications.

My writing journey…

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Meredith Gibraltar writes of her progress in her book Martha.  The main character has met an interesting man.  Only time will tell whether he will be important.  Slowly the book continues and is almost finished.

Martha meets James.  He is a retired policeman and knows about police procedure.  Finally Martha can ask him about whether the police would guide someone physically instead of putting them into witness protection.  Finally Martha can ask the question of someone.  She has wondered this for over ten years.  In addition James is a compassionate man…a man of worth.  Will they become friends?  Only time will tell.

I am writing the final chapter of the book.  I am a bit worried.  It is quite long.  But I just thought that I can make the final chapter about James instead of Martha.  Interesting.  I’ll have to think about that for a while.  The book is proceeding slowly.  But the end is near.  Then I have some major editing to do.  I will keep you posted.


Courage…a poem.

book n pen pixabay 500 pi

Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about courage.  The book is slowly coming along.  I am almost at the end.  Slowly I write.  Cheers!

It takes all my courage

To face my fears.

Sometimes I just hold my breath

And do what I have to do.

Sometimes I bury that fear so deep

That I am not aware of it.

But I fear.  Daily I fear.

Now I trust in myself.

And I trust in God.

That trust runs deep.

No one is interested in me.

No one notices me.

What a relief!

It was all so real before.

But it was like a dream.

Not real.  Real is now.

Real is that no one is interested in me.

No one.  No one.

I am alone.

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April is National Poetry Month…

be kind in word


Pick up a poetry book.  Read a poem.
There are two poets that I know of in wordpress.  Frank Prem and Christian Mihai.  My favorite poet is Kahil Gibran.  Do you know of any others.  Share their work this month…reblog or like the work or even better comment and support them.
Poets are extraordinary people…artists in their own right!
Think about how their words are used to heal and to resonate with us.
Think of how your own words can heal or hurt.
Be aware of the strength of words in your everyday life.
Sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy a book and think of the writer who took the time, opened their heart and wrote for you!
Watch the sunshine.
Pet your dog.
Heal with the words of your favorite poet.
Heal my friend heal!
Breathe…today is all we have.
Relax and enjoy!  Tomorrow is another day!
If you liked this blog please like or comment below.  Or even share and reblog.  Share on facebook or twitter.   Take care…heal my friend heal…

Publishing your book

pen and writing

Meredith Gibraltar wants to share what she learned watching a video on Facebook about publishing!  Self-publishing is the way to go unless you want the prestige or have money.

I watched Kathy Miles Wheeler, who runs a Facebook group called Write, Publish & Sell, on a Facebook video.  She said that to publish you need three things.  They are:

  1.  to know your goal (ie gain exposure, share your story if it’s fiction).
  2.  to know your publishing options (there are 3).
  3.  you must have an editor regardless of what publishing option you choose.

The first step is to know the reason you are publishing, the why.  This would be different for a non-fiction author than a fiction author.  Since I am a fiction author I listened closely to the fiction part and it was mainly to share your story.  Part of the non-fiction author reasons was to gain exposure.  I would also want to gain exposure for my first book and my second book as well.

There are three publishing options in general.  The first one is traditional publishing.  This is different for fiction and non-fiction books.  Kathy spoke mainly about non-fiction books and said that 96% of manuscripts are rejected by publishing companies and that 50% of books picked by a publisher fail!  Depressing news!  You really do need an agent and a following.  She also said not to publish for the marketing support because you don’t get it with traditional publishing.  But she said that you should pick traditional publishing for the prestige and if it’s a dream to be published.

The second option for publishing is Self-publishing.  In self publishing you do everything.  You are the editor, the graphic designer…everything.  It is best to get a print-on-demand service that way you don’t end up with 1000 books in your garage that you can’t sell.  It’s about $3.00/book.  Self-publishing is usually paperback or ebooks.  She recommended Createspace for paperbacks and Kindle Direct Publishing for paperbacks and Kindle books because they are owned by Amazon.  In 2016 in the USA 76% of ebook sales were made by Amazon.  One drawback is that you have to know everything.  Kathy has a course for non-fiction authors for writing and publishing or a publishing course for writers (both fiction and non-fiction) who already have a book to publish.  Self-publishing can be learned by searching the internet and is recommended if you are a self-starter.

The third option for publishing is Contract Publishing or vanity publishing or paid publishing.  This option often costs as much as $25,000.  The publisher does the editing and publishing.  You don’t have as much control.  You have to KNOW the company you want to work with.  This is a good option if you have money and you don’t like to learn things.

The third step to publishing is that you must have an editor, no matter which publishing option you decide on.  She didn’t have any recommendations on who to hire though.

So for myself, I will self-publish and I have to now start looking for an editor in Canada.  If you know of one, please leave a comment below or on Facebook.  If you know of friends who would like to learn more about publishing your own book please share, reblog or retweet.  Until next time!

Webinar on writing by Jeff Goins.


I just listened to a webinar about writing by Jeff Goins.  I just happened on his name on facebook and listened to the webinar.  Part of the webinar was a download of a free book titled The beginners guide to building an audience written by Jeff Goins.

The webinar itself was very informative.  He laid out a plan on how to succeed as a writer.  He said that there were four key things to do.

  1. Have a clear message.
  2. Have a platform.
  3. Establish a tribe.
  4. Have a product to give away.

He said that a person has to know themselves and establish a clear message about themselves to write with.  He recommended that I contact five people and ask them to describe me and to tell me what’s important to them in life and recommend how I can help them with that concern.  I am using survey monkey to create a survey and have emailed six people.

Next is to establish a platform.  You are either a journalist, a prophet, an artist, a professor or a star as a writer.  He recommended that I choose one.  A journalist asks a lot of questions and writes to answer these questions.  A prophet is dissatisfied with the world and strives to fix it.  An artist writes with poetry and prose.  A professor reads and communicates complex things simply.  A star has charisma and attracts people to himself/herself by their charisma.  He/She also has empathy for people.  Of all five I fall best into the star category but I don’t think that I shine that much.  I do however have a lot of empathy for people.  So I will write as a star.

The third thing is to build a tribe – a group of people committed to your cause.  This begins with the five people you sent an email to.  He said to ask them to describe you, to state what they are concerned with in life, to ask how I could help them with that concern, to ask what form they would like the help in (ie email, newsletter, ebook) and to ask how much they would pay for it.  Then the idea is to offer to them what they would pay for for the price they stated they would pay for it!  Awesome!  I really don’t know how that will work out!  Only time will tell.

The fourth thing is to have a product (ie email, newsletter, ebook) that they are willing to pay for.  And then to give it to them.

Then you ask them to forward the idea to their friends so that they also buy the email, newsletter, ebook too.  During this time, you collect emails and build your email list.

His book “Beginners guide to building an audience” spoke mainly about communicating your passion and providing a service to people.  If you write about things that people care about then you will have more listeners.  He recommended that I write about things that concern me and show how I have resolved things.  This would attract more readers.  He said that it was the passion for writing that would resonate with people.  I feel passionate about the two books that I am writing and believe that I have a story to tell.  I hope that people will be interested in it.  I write to be able to write and communicate the story that I have in me.  I will try to share that passion with readers from now on.

It was an interesting webinar.  Hopefully I will be a better writer for it.