I’m not in the room!

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Stephen King is quoted as saying that he isn’t in the room when he’s writing.  I haven’t got the exact quote.  But it’s something like that.  That’s where I’m at with my writing.  Cheers!

I am writing my second book Abigail.  In it the heroine has a depression.  I write to raise awareness about mental illness.  As I write, I realize that I have a depression as well as suffering from anxiety.  I didn’t know this until this month when I started writing my second book.  As I write, I become the person I am writing about.  As I write, I see my depression for what it truly is.

I find it hard to do the basic things in life like taking care of myself and especially, cleaning.  Cleaning depresses me so much that I have had help for over ten years.  But now as I am aware of this, I am slowly taking back my own life and cleaning.  I am also taking better care of myself.  One of the first signs of a depression is lack of self-care.  If this is happening to you then know that you are probably suffering from a depression and seek help.  At first your family doctor can help.  If it’s serious he or she will tell you to seek professional help.  But the family doctor is the first step.  Open up.  Talk about your depression.  You are important to the people around you who love you and to humanity itself.  Everyone has their special something to offer their loved ones but also people around them.  Be it friends or even strangers.  Who knows?  Your kind actions may help someone out of their own depression without you knowing it!  You matter!  Take care of yourself!


In addition, writing helps with my mental illness.  Something about writing down what happens in my day helps me.  Expressing it even just in the written word helps me.  Try to write it down.  You could start a story.  Where the hero is you.  Or you could just keep a journal.  Write down the little things in your day as well as the major events.  Write my friend write!  And slowly you will heal.

photo credit:  Jan Kahanek with Unsplash

My writing space.

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Meredith Gibraltar shares her writing space with you all.  Cheers!

Yes it’s my dining room table.  We no longer eat at the table.  I spend many an hour especially in the mornings typing away at my laptop.  I do not take a pen to paper.  It is all done with the computer.

I am now working on  my second book Abigail, introducing the characters.  It will be a romantic suspense of a woman who is at the wrong place at the wrong time with respect to organized crime.  The book speaks of her struggles when she is followed and also of her depression.  I try to incorporate stories of mental illness into my books to raise awareness among my readers.


“Be a little bit scared and do it right!”

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Meredith Gibraltar shares her slogan for 2018 “Be a little bit scared and do it right!”  Cheers!

Let me explain myself.  I have learned that if you’re not a little bit scared about what you are doing or writing then it doesn’t matter as much as it should.  If it’s new and a challenge then you’ll be a little bit scared.  So if your motto is to be a little bit scared it means that you’re doing something new and then you encourage yourself by saying do it right!  I want to experience that fear of doing something new often in 2018.  I want to have the courage to go forward with something new in my writing and in my life in general.  So I want to be a little bit scared and I want to do it right!

Do you have a slogan for 2018?  Something that you can repeat to yourself, maybe every day to motivate yourself!  Something to keep you going.  Try it!

My writing journey…

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Meredith Gibraltar speaks of her writing journey.  A teen novel sparked some anxiety.  Slowly she heals.

I had posted before that I was about to read a teen novel.  I hesitated but thought that I too might write teen novels in the future and therefore read the book.  However the character experienced some things in her past that triggered an anxiety attack for me.  I wasn’t even going to read the book and it resonated with me so much.  I didn’t realize it’s affect on me until a couple of days later.  The book brought back memories and made me fear.  I got paranoid and anxious.  I rated my fear and belief in the negative thoughts.  Then I thought of a positive counter statement to help battle the fear.  It helped but I was affected for two days.  Finally I was courageous and faced my fear today.  Then I rewarded myself by going out for coffee.  I had a breakfast sandwich (healthier than cheese cake) and coffee at my favorite coffee shop.  All because of a book that I almost didn’t read.

I will be writing teen novels in the future.  It might be my first short story.  I hesitate to take the focus off my novel to write a short story but maybe it will do some good.  I’ll see.  I wrote about my anxiety in my novel.  It is fiction but reflects some of my life experiences with my anxiety.


My Writing Journey.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes of her writing journey.  She had found some new authors and is enjoying reading them.  She is developing the end of her book too.  Cheers!

I am reading a lot more of Colleen Hoover.  The last book I read of hers was part of the Slammed series.  I am reading it backwards which you shouldn’t do but it’s whats available at the library.  It’s a romance novel of a 21 year old man and an 18 year old girl.  Both have lost their parents and take care of a brother.  The books are very good and the poetry in them I found very good as well.  She is a good writer.  The book I am reading now is about a 17 year old girl.  At first I hesitated not wanting to read a romance of a girl so young but then I remembered that at one point I had thought of writing teen novels.  So I’ll read this book and see how I like it.

I am also reading a lot more of Jude Devereaux.  She had one excellent book about ghosts.  I believe in the paranormal and found the book interesting.  Jude Devereaux’s style is similar to Nora Roberts.  I have read almost all the Nora Roberts books at the library so now have been looking for new authors.  I also read Danielle Steel.  I love romantic novels.  Especially if there is some suspense involved.

My first book Martha is a fiction.  Although it reflects part of my life as I deal with anxiety it is also fiction.  So I am developing the end of the romance.  She falls in love with a man who is kind and compassionate.  An understanding man who understands and accepts her anxiety.  Will the book end with them marrying and living happily ever after?  I don’t think so.  But they will be a couple.  I think Martha will be braver facing the future having someone who cares about her and who she can talk to.


Happy Father’s Day.

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Meredith Gibraltar wants to wish all of the fathers out there Happy Father’s Day!  It is a very important privilege and job!  At times it is overwhelming but worth every moment!  I write a poem to my father.  Cheers!

I remember, Dad.

The times of joy and love.

The times of fun!

The camping and fishing trips!

The canoe.  The boat.

The farting competitions in the tent!

I remember Dad.

And I love you.

You have passed.

I smile through the tears and remember.

I remember you.  Dad.

I write…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about herself again.  There was a glitch.  I write about writing.

I write.

I am calm.

The words calm me.

I fear and am calm.

I love and am calm.

The belief in the good and love saved me.

Calmed me.  Soothed me.

The words reflect my fear.

The words reflect my love.

Slowly I heal.


I am writing one book called The Dominant.  Sections of that book are called Stephan, Theo and The Dominant.  I have decided that my first book will be all three of these sections.  Stephan was not long enough to be a book on it’s own.  Theo is the section that I am writing now.  Stephan was a labor of love.  Theo is all work!  I have put the section The Dominant on hold while I write Theo.  Cheers!

I write…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about herself and writing.  Cheers!

I write to free my soul.

I fly with delight.

I am freed of the oppression.

I am freed of the fear.

I fly so high.

I write.

I suffer from anxiety.  Much of what I write reflects the fear that I feel in my own life.  It also reflects the love that I have felt in my dreams.  Cheers!

I am writing and busy…sorry!

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Meredith Gibraltar is busy these days.  I am taking two courses and have little time to write poems in the morning.  One course is keeping me on track and I am trying to write at least 1000 words per day.  But I have little time to write poetry!  Sorry!  I have made deadlines when I will finish my first book Stephen!

I am taking a course to help me write my book Stephen.  The course is called My Book Blueprint by Kary Oberbrunner.  He outlines the blueprint of your book…all the way from writing to marketing.  It’s quite a good in depth course.

I am also taking his 30 day Elixir Project Experience where he trains me to be unhackable, meaning focused and in the zone to write.  It’s a big expensive but I think that it’s a good course.  It might be something that you would be interested in.  It has already made a major change in my thinking…my brain almost hurts!

I have provided the link to both courses above.

So my deadline to have finished Stephen is July 2017.  This means that I have to write 1000 words a day.  But the date is for the when the first draft is finished.  Then I have to edit the book.  Launch day has not been determined yet!

My mornings therefore are taken up writing Stephen or doing the course.  I will not be posting as much.  And I won’t be writing as many poems.  Sorry.  Cheers!