Some things I have learned…

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Meredith Gibraltar shares what she has learned so far about publishing her first book.  The main thing is that selling is about serving and that marketing is about story telling.

First I have learned a bit about chapters in a book.  Chapters should be short.  About 1500 to 2000 words.  Page numbers are important in a book but not in an ebook.  In an ebook hyperlinks are important.  Page numbers should be at the center at the bottom in the footnote area.  The page header should be right justified with the author’s last name/title.  Your book shouldn’t be more than 80,000 words which is about 250 to 320 pages.

A book should have a title page, dedication, acknowledgements, copyright notice, a disclaimer and a table of contents.  All these sections are important.  Especially the disclaimer stating that it is fiction and not based on real people or places.

The font should be Times Roman or Ariel and 11 or 12 size.  The text should be aligned left and right with 1.5 spacing.  I haven’t figures out how to get 1.5 spacing in word yet.  Can anyone help me out?

The book cover is important.  It should tell the story of the book.  I was looking through some audio books and it hit me that I was looking at just the book cover to decide whether I bought the book or not.  So the book cover is important.  Someone even said that this is where to invest and to get a graphic designer.

It has also been recommended that the first chapter of your next book be included at the end of the book.  I have seen this done but rarely read it.  If it is a sequel then I usually read the next chapter.

You will need a good two to three paragraph summary for the back of the book cover.  It should entice but not give away the ending.  It should be like a movie teaser.

Self-publishing doesn’t necessarily need a following.

Don’t publish on a Tuesday because the big brand books publish on Tuesdays.  When you publish it should be a function of your audience.  Your platform is your audience is your following.

If you publish an ebook use Kindle which is part of Amazon.  Kindle Direct Publishing.

When publishing you should offer a free kindle copy of another book that you have written to increase interest.   You should also prove yourself as an author and have a following.

Selling is serving.  Which means you should be helping people with your book.  Not selling your book.

Marketing is story telling.  So you should be concerned with the story you are telling not the selling of the book I guess.

If you found this post helpful please like below.  These are just some facts that I have picked up along the way.  Hopefully you have found it interesting.  Cheers!

Too busy to write…

Meredith Gibraltar is too busy to write.  That’s ok I had writers block.  This distraction is good and the next steps in both of my books are gelling in my head.  But I am distracted.  Sorry about this.  I plan to blog about publishing and writing as I go along.  My writing journey…as I learn so will you!

So far I have learned that publishing on Amazon is a good thing because they already have a lot of followers that read books.  It is good to publish both an ebook and a hard copy book.  Paperback seems to be the best.  No more than 80,000 words which is about 300 pages.  I will have to see what my first book will be!

Take care…