Theo…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about Theo the second section of her book called Martha.  I am still working on a subtitle.  I’ll keep you posted.  Cheers!


A time of fear.  A time of love.

You gave me the confidence to step out.

To step out while I feared.

You made me smile.  You made me laugh.

The joy I felt helped ease the fear.

The joy I felt gave me confidence.

The joy, Theo, the joy!

Stephen…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a new poem about love.  It’s for the first section (Stephen) of her book called Martha.  I have changed the name of my first book.  It is now called Martha.  I’m working on a subtitle…Cheers!


You represent love.

You represent strength and  protection.

I needed you at a time that I was vulnerable.

My love for you was truth.

It gave me courage and strength.

It gave me hope to go on when all else failed.

At my time of need you were there.

Stephen.  My love.  My protector!


Is podcasting the next best thing?…a share of Don Massenzio’s blog.

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Antoine I fear…a poem

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem for the second section of her book, Theo.  The book is called The Dominant for now.  Cheers!

Antoine I fear.

I fear you!

This gives you strength.

At times I am frozen in fear.

You cut and eat human flesh.

You rape women, men and children.

I fear.

I lay frozen on the ground before you!

I feel my sword.

I feel the helm.

I stand.  No longer frozen.

I stand and fight!

I will not fear.

I will fight!

Thank you Theo…a poem

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about Theo…the second section in her book The Dominant.  Cheers!

Theo, my love.

You gave me strength and courage.

Courage to face the fears of being followed.

Courage to step outside when all eyes were on me.

Courage to smile in the face of danger.

I trust you with my life.

I follow your advice because my life depends on it.

You love and protect me.

Thank you Theo.

Thank you.

Happy 150th Canada!

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Meredith Gibraltar wishes Happy 150th Birthday to Canada!  I love this country!  It stands for freedom, the outdoors and love and respect for others!  Stand strong.  Canada strong!  I wrote a short poem…  Cheers!

Oh Canada!

The land of the free.

I stand on guard for all that you mean to me.

For life and liberty.

For the great outdoors.

The camping and hiking trips.

The boat rides.

And fond memories of my father.

Thank you Canada.

You gave my father a chance as an immigrant.

Because of that I stand strong and free!

Thank you Canada.