True Love…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about true love.  It is a time of reflection, of renewed interest and of hope.  Cheers!

True love, I wait for you.

I have waited for a long time.

Asleep but eager.

I wait still.  Awake but eager.

I know that you are out there.

Forgive me, I was asleep.

My eyes saw only a dream.

Reality is what I seek now.

I seek for the true you.

You are strong and compassionate.

You stand for what is right.

You are not perfect but then neither am I.

I wait and am strong.

I begin to look again.

Begin to be open.

Will I dare?  Only you will know.

I wait.

My writing journey…

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Meredith Gibraltar writes of her progress in her book Martha.  The main character has met an interesting man.  Only time will tell whether he will be important.  Slowly the book continues and is almost finished.

Martha meets James.  He is a retired policeman and knows about police procedure.  Finally Martha can ask him about whether the police would guide someone physically instead of putting them into witness protection.  Finally Martha can ask the question of someone.  She has wondered this for over ten years.  In addition James is a compassionate man…a man of worth.  Will they become friends?  Only time will tell.

I am writing the final chapter of the book.  I am a bit worried.  It is quite long.  But I just thought that I can make the final chapter about James instead of Martha.  Interesting.  I’ll have to think about that for a while.  The book is proceeding slowly.  But the end is near.  Then I have some major editing to do.  I will keep you posted.


Friends…a poem.


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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about friends.  She has just reconnected with a good friend after a long silence.  Friends are forever.  Cheers!

You stood by me.

Always there.  Always listening.

You never knew my inner turmoil.

Yet you sensed a need.

A friendship need.

You reached out.

I didn’t respond.  I was too wrapped up with my inner demons.

My inner dreams.

You still don’t know the depth of my pain.

But now I have let you glimpse the surface.

I finally open up.  You see a glimmer.

A glimmer of my pain.

I trust.  I love.

I thank you for the honor.

The honor of friendship.

I hope…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about hope and true love.  It is for her first book Martha.  Cheers!

I have hope.

I look to the future and see true love.

In time without haste.

A strong and steadfast love.

True love with no hate.

I will wait quietly.

Until God blesses me with true love.

When it is time I will embrace it.

With slight fear but also with joy.

For life is meant for true love.

True love I wait.

Love…a poem

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about love for her book Martha.  Cheers!

What is love.

It is surrender.

Surrender to another human being.

For love.  For affection.

Yet at the same time it is affirmation.

Affirmation of the person you are.

Of what drives you.

Of what’s important to you.

For it is only in standing strong and true

That one finds true love.

True happiness.

Stand strong.  Love strong.

But be yourself!

Courage…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about courage.  The book is slowly coming along.  I am almost at the end.  Slowly I write.  Cheers!

It takes all my courage

To face my fears.

Sometimes I just hold my breath

And do what I have to do.

Sometimes I bury that fear so deep

That I am not aware of it.

But I fear.  Daily I fear.

Now I trust in myself.

And I trust in God.

That trust runs deep.

No one is interested in me.

No one notices me.

What a relief!

It was all so real before.

But it was like a dream.

Not real.  Real is now.

Real is that no one is interested in me.

No one.  No one.

I am alone.

My writing journey…

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Meredith Gibraltar writes about her writing journey.  I have figured out the ending for my  fiction but am still working on the title and the subtitle.  I am slowly progressing though.

I started out with the idea that my book would be three books named Stephen, Theo and The Dominant.  It was meant to be a fiction.  I then started incorporating some of the issues that I face with anxiety and the book took a whole new turn.  Then I thought that I would call the book Martha.  Now I have decided on the end.  I am torn between calling the book Martha or the name of the man that she falls in love with at the end.  I haven’t figured out who that is yet.  I’ll have to see.  While the book followed my footsteps in my healing journey for a chapter, now it will be fiction again based on my experiences in life.  Since it is a romance she will fall in love.  Her journey is the main point of the whole book so I think that I will be calling it Martha.  Then the subtitle becomes very important.  I don’t know what it will be yet.  I will have to wait until I finish the book.

Editing the book is next.  I will send the book to one friend and have her read it.  Then I will send it to the editor.  I haven’t chosen an editor yet.

Then publishing is the most daunting task.  I think that I’ll have to self publish.  I don’t know.  I’ll see when I get to that stage.

Slowly my book advances.  I have to set dates for when I will finish the book to give me incentive.  I’ll do that next.

Until next time…Cheers!