Happy World Poetry Day!

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World Poetry Day is March 21 and was established by UNESCO.  Which is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.  Cheers!

Poetry unites all of humanity.  It bridges cultural gaps and unifies all of us.  Therefore the UN has chosen today as World Poetry Day.

Being a poet, this is an important day for me.  I smile.  Yes, I am a poet.  I write often of my anxiety and depression, always with a positive note since I am a positive person.  Today I write about the words that express my feelings and about my anxiety …


Words, so beautiful and powerful.
Words that express the depths of my soul.
That expose the long gash of my pain.
Of my struggle.
Of my blackness of soul.
What gives me anxiety?
A childhood trauma that I have forgotten.
But my body remembers.
Remembers all to well the violation of my soul.
So words are my weapon.
I expose the enemy.
That dark black of my soul.
That tainted mass.
But alas!  It wasn’t my fault.
It was his.  The evil in my life.
My babysitter.  The evil blight.
I stand strong.
I stand.  I will prevail.
I will not become my illness.
I will become who I have decided to be.
I have decided to be strong.  A woman alone.
Surrounded by love.
I stand, a woman.  Strong!

Friend … a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about a friend.  This person helped her with something she was passionate about and yet they are both so fragile.  Cheers!

I valued your opinion.
So I listened.
Yet I worry for you.
You have shared that sometimes it’s all too much.
Now I worry for you that even I can be too much.
There is always another answer.
Always somewhere else you can live.
Someone else who can be your friend.
I value your opinion.
I value you as a friend.
Be safe.  Be smart.
Don’t give in.
Always keep fighting!

Heal…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about family and healing.  Cheers!

I hid from you for so long, my family.
To this day you don’t know it all.
You were by my side except for one.
One I wouldn’t trust completely.
You betrayed my trust with my doctor.
Yet I trust you now.
Yet I listened to you most.
When it was time to heal.
I still hear your words.
Now you hurt us Mom.
Now you hurt your Mother.
It’s time to heal.
Make an effort.
Heal, Mom, heal.

International Women’s Day.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about women.  Cheers!

Being a woman.
What does it mean?
A person of strength.
A person of dreams.
We are vulnerable and yet.
Able to withstand pain like no other.
Able to heal like no other.
Able to empathize like no other.
Yet we are victims.
Often dependent for love.  For worth.
Often mere reflections of our mate.
Stand strong.  Stand alone.
We are woman.
Independent and strong.

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Movie Review: This Means War.

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Name:  This Means War.
Rating:  4/5.
Year:  2012.
Type of film:  Action/Romance.
Actors/Actresses:  Reese Witherspoon as Lauren, Chris Pine as FDR and Tom Hardy as Tuck.
Director:  McG.
Story:  Timothy Dowling and Marcus Gautesen.
Screenplay:  Timothy Dowling and Simon Kinberg.

This film is pure entertainment.  The action sequences are phenomenal and the romance is good until the very end.  On top of that it is a comedy.

It is a film about Lauren who falls for two guys, FDR and Tuck.  She has to decide which one she loves.  FDR and Tuck are CIA operatives but don’t tell Lauren that or that they are friends.  FDR’s and Tuck’s friendship is put to the test as they both fall for the same girl in this fast paced action film.  A European assassin is after FDR and Tuck and finally catches up with them.  He goes after Lauren and FDR and Tuck have to save her.

Follow this link for the trailer on Youtube.

photo credit:  Timothy Eberley on Unsplash.

Choices…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about choices.  Cheers!

I am molded by choices.
Sometimes they give me anxiety.
Family has helped me make some choices.
Family has encouraged me to do more!
Choices, choices, choices.
Sometimes my environment gives me a choice.
Sometimes my health limits my choices.
Sometimes I feel that I have no choice.
But today all the choices were right.
Today I chose me.  And my health.
Today I chose self-care and myself.
Today I choose me.
Choose to love yourself.
That’s the most important choice of all!


photo credit:  Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash