“Be a little bit scared and do it right!”

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Meredith Gibraltar shares her slogan for 2018 “Be a little bit scared and do it right!”  Cheers!

Let me explain myself.  I have learned that if you’re not a little bit scared about what you are doing or writing then it doesn’t matter as much as it should.  If it’s new and a challenge then you’ll be a little bit scared.  So if your motto is to be a little bit scared it means that you’re doing something new and then you encourage yourself by saying do it right!  I want to experience that fear of doing something new often in 2018.  I want to have the courage to go forward with something new in my writing and in my life in general.  So I want to be a little bit scared and I want to do it right!

Do you have a slogan for 2018?  Something that you can repeat to yourself, maybe every day to motivate yourself!  Something to keep you going.  Try it!

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