I write…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about herself again.  There was a glitch.  I write about writing.

I write.

I am calm.

The words calm me.

I fear and am calm.

I love and am calm.

The belief in the good and love saved me.

Calmed me.  Soothed me.

The words reflect my fear.

The words reflect my love.

Slowly I heal.


I am writing one book called The Dominant.  Sections of that book are called Stephan, Theo and The Dominant.  I have decided that my first book will be all three of these sections.  Stephan was not long enough to be a book on it’s own.  Theo is the section that I am writing now.  Stephan was a labor of love.  Theo is all work!  I have put the section The Dominant on hold while I write Theo.  Cheers!

Comments give me the courage to continue writing!