I come awake…a poem

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem for the second section Theo of her book The Dominant.  It is part of a major change in the book and gives a hint to the reason why I am writing this book.  Cheers!

I come awake.

I finally see.

Is it real?  Are you real Theo?

What if it’s all in my mind?

The danger.  The fear.

What if it’s all in my mind?


What if it’s real?!

Can I take the chance

With lives at stake!

Can I take the chance God?

What if it’s real?

I write to heal.

I write to express the inner demons.

The inner demons in my mind.

I write to heal!

May God help me!

I am awake!  I think?!

Comments give me the courage to continue writing!