Movie Review: This Means War.

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Name:  This Means War.
Rating:  4/5.
Year:  2012.
Type of film:  Action/Romance.
Actors/Actresses:  Reese Witherspoon as Lauren, Chris Pine as FDR and Tom Hardy as Tuck.
Director:  McG.
Story:  Timothy Dowling and Marcus Gautesen.
Screenplay:  Timothy Dowling and Simon Kinberg.

This film is pure entertainment.  The action sequences are phenomenal and the romance is good until the very end.  On top of that it is a comedy.

It is a film about Lauren who falls for two guys, FDR and Tuck.  She has to decide which one she loves.  FDR and Tuck are CIA operatives but don’t tell Lauren that or that they are friends.  FDR’s and Tuck’s friendship is put to the test as they both fall for the same girl in this fast paced action film.  A European assassin is after FDR and Tuck and finally catches up with them.  He goes after Lauren and FDR and Tuck have to save her.

Follow this link for the trailer on Youtube.

photo credit:  Timothy Eberley on Unsplash.