I’m not in the room!

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Stephen King is quoted as saying that he isn’t in the room when he’s writing.  I haven’t got the exact quote.  But it’s something like that.  That’s where I’m at with my writing.  Cheers!

I am writing my second book Abigail.  In it the heroine has a depression.  I write to raise awareness about mental illness.  As I write, I realize that I have a depression as well as suffering from anxiety.  I didn’t know this until this month when I started writing my second book.  As I write, I become the person I am writing about.  As I write, I see my depression for what it truly is.

I find it hard to do the basic things in life like taking care of myself and especially, cleaning.  Cleaning depresses me so much that I have had help for over ten years.  But now as I am aware of this, I am slowly taking back my own life and cleaning.  I am also taking better care of myself.  One of the first signs of a depression is lack of self-care.  If this is happening to you then know that you are probably suffering from a depression and seek help.  At first your family doctor can help.  If it’s serious he or she will tell you to seek professional help.  But the family doctor is the first step.  Open up.  Talk about your depression.  You are important to the people around you who love you and to humanity itself.  Everyone has their special something to offer their loved ones but also people around them.  Be it friends or even strangers.  Who knows?  Your kind actions may help someone out of their own depression without you knowing it!  You matter!  Take care of yourself!


In addition, writing helps with my mental illness.  Something about writing down what happens in my day helps me.  Expressing it even just in the written word helps me.  Try to write it down.  You could start a story.  Where the hero is you.  Or you could just keep a journal.  Write down the little things in your day as well as the major events.  Write my friend write!  And slowly you will heal.

photo credit:  Jan Kahanek with Unsplash

I didn’t know…a poem

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Meredith Gibraltar writes two poems about depression.  The last one for her book Abigail.  Cheers!

I didn’t know.
I know I have other problems.
But depression on top of everything else?
I didn’t know.
There were signs though.
Putting off things every day and not getting them done.
A low feeling when I absolutely had to do them.
A constant tiredness.
That became my mantra.
I am tired.  I am tired.  I am tired.
How to move forward?
One day at a time.
Knowing is half the battle.
Baby steps.  Small steps.
But always forward.
Now, I know.
I suffer from depression.


How do I explain it?
A constant tiredness.
A constant low.
A putting off of everything.
Unless it has to be done.
A putting off of everything.
Sometimes even of getting out of bed.
My pets help.
I feel I have to take care of them.
Sometimes that’s what pulls me out of my thoughts.
My pets need me.
They need to be fed.
They need exercise.
My family needs me.
But not like my pets.
My pets help with my depression.
Thank God for my pets!


Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash